Thursday, July 22, 2010

I see an ER visit in the near future.

So I am not sure what my daughter had running through that little head of hers but she thought it would be a great idea to convince her brother that he could FLY! She told him that if he flapped his arms hard enough that he could be like "Buzz Light Year" and fly away!

So being the genius my son is, he thought it would be a wise decision to
1 trust his sister
2 try out this theory.

Luckily mommy was there when he made his first attempt at flying down the stairs. I caught him by the back of his shirt and possibly saved his life. Unfortuntionly the second time he tested out his sisters theory he was not so lucky. He jumped off my bed and landed on his belly and bumped his mouth. Hopefully that is the last time he will attempt to fly, if not I do see a visit to the ER in the future.

When will that boy learn that he can't listen to her?!?!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Bright idea Genius!!

Judge had dry cereal for a snack this morning. As Dennis began to pour it he noticed that he was pouring Rice Crispies.

He then said to my son "Whoa son that not Cheerios that Rice Crispies."

He then CONTINUES to pour the Rice Crispies into his bowl and says "That's not a good idea."

He then gave him the bowl and said in the most stern fatherly voice "Good luck with that son."

This is the mess that followed!

Friday, July 2, 2010

What is it with them this morning!

My kids are obsessed with jumping on my bed. What is that about. I know eventually I will be taking on of them to the hospital with a broken arm. My reflexes are not up to catching falling kids this early in the morning. You think after falling off for the 50Th time they would stop!

NOPE not my kids. They are determined to drive me mad today and it is only 7:30!

Judge has stolen my tooth brush. Annabelle is mad at me because I had to get on to her for spitting in my hair. John Paul is good though. So I guess not a complete bad start to my Friday!

It feels good to be home!