Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Train Table

Dennis and I decided to buy Judge a train table for his birthday this year. Dennis thought it would be a great idea to bond with his kids while putting it together. BAD IDEA!! Over 300 pieces and kids that had not had naps do not mix. I video taped the 5 1/2 hour ordeal!!
Enjoy!!! I know I enjoyed watching them!!!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Jungle Jim's

The kids and I have been stuck in the house for the last week since I tripped on a ball in the playroom and cracked my rib on the fireplace. So today for a change I took the kids to this place in Milford CT called Jungle Jim's. It is an indoor playground for young kids. Best of all mom could set and rest while the kids ran. I took some pictures of the kids hope you all enjoy!!

Annabelle in the bounce house.

John Paul in the ball pit!

Judge sliding into the ball pit!

Annabelle's swimming lessons!

So we put Annabelle in swimming lessons at the local lake. What a great idea, 30 minutes everyday for 2 weeks......WRONG! By day 3 she was sick of it and by day 5 I was ready to put my face under the water until the bubbles stopped coming up!! We ended up skipping the last 3 lessons (day 8-10) because neither one of us could take it anymore. She did really well but the only problem is she didn't want to get any part of her head wet. She also refused to let her feet leave the ground for the first 6 days! I think they should have called it "introduction to water" instead of "swimming leassons"! I did get a few pictures I thought you would all enjoy!

Getting used to the water!

Blowing bubbles!

Playing with the noddle in the water!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Lemon Juice.

I believe drinking straight lemon juice is a right of passage in our home. Before you turn 3 you have to try it. Annabelle did it and now a week before Judge turns 3 he has done it too. Dennis and I tell them that it is gross and that it is not lemonade, but they still insist on it. What is a parent to do?!?! Just give them a rag and tell them not to spit/puke on the floor!!

Annabelle at 2 drinking lemon juice!

Judge at 2 drinking lemon juice!

Daddy's turn!

Everyone knows by now about my experiences with dirty diapers. So when Dennis happens to get the occasional weekend dirty diaper I secretly do my happy dance.
1. Because I change about 20 dirty diapers a week between the 2 boys
2. He has the best reactions I have ever seen.
So when Judge blew out of his diaper right before a bath I had to video tape it.
The icing on the cake was when Dennis stepped in it at the end of the video!!

John Paul update.

John Paul is getting so big. He is 10 months old!!! He is pulling up on his own and has 4 new teeth. I can't believe he will be a year in a little over a month. He is such a happy baby. I think my favorite part of the day is when I go into his room after a nap and his little head pops up and he gives me that I love you smile. He is ALWAYS smiling. My grandpa calls him "Happy Charlie"

See his teeth!

Build and Grow

Dennis and I take the kids to Home Depo the first Saturday of every month for their "Kids building workshop". Judge loves to go "tap tap tap" but I think Annabelle couldn't be less interested. We (dad and I) built a school bus pencil holder.

They can't always love each other.

I can honestly say Judge is one of the most patient kids I know. He really tolerates more from his sister then most adults could. But every now and then it gets to him........

The kids had been playing in my room and every time Judge started playing with something Annabelle would take it. So after about 30 minutes of this Judge got fed up!!!

Happy Birthday JUDGE!!!!

I can't believe my baby is going to be 3! It seems like yesterday I was bringing him home from the hospital. He is growing so fast. He has finally become his own person. He is the sweetest most caring little man. He will do anything for his sister and brother. He does get feed up sometimes but what kid doesn't. My baby is growing up.

Happy Birthday buddy. Momma loves you more then you will ever know!!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Who ever said.............

Who ever said being a parent was easy either never had kids of their own or had to be smoking CRACK!

Monday, August 9, 2010

A taste of her own medicine.

When Annabelle was younger she loved to flush the toilet. I think all kids have had this fascination at one time or another. Her favorite time to do this was when mommy was on it. I really think she loved the reaction she got. I guess seeing me jump 4 feet off the can screaming at the top of my lungs cracked her up a bit.

Well today at the park I think it all finally caught up with her. When we go to the rest room Annabelle decided she wanted to have the big stall. So naturally her bother followed her in, while John Paul and I used the small stall. A few seconds after we get in she tells me she can't reach the toilet. I told her to try harder and she made it on. NOT 5 second after she informs me that she has manged to get onto the potty I hear the toilet flushing and Annabelle screaming at the top of her lungs.

"BROTHER! NO! Mom brother flushed the toilet while I was on it and wet my whole butt. I think he was trying to flush me down it but now I have water all over my butt. BROTHER why did you do that!"

I could not help but crack up laughing. I almost fell trying to get out of the stall to see her face. It was a priceless moment I wish I could have caught on camera. I guess that is another good thing to having kids. They get to do things that moms and dads want to do, but would never get away with doing.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Never getting out of the house in time today......

I decided to have a nice HOT bath before we were scheduled to go to the beach today for Annabelle's swim lessons. I know "what was I thinking" we were going to the beach. So no I guess I wasn't really using my head. I get into the tub and the next thing I know I have 2 boys in the bathroom with me. So I am trying really hard to rush through my bath at this point.

Then all of a sudden it starts raining balls. My daughter thought it would be a bright idea to fill the bathtub with balls while mom was in it. I hurried up and got out of the tub and went into the closet to get dressed. I was gone less then 2 MINUTES!!! I go back into the bathroom to find Annabelle and Judge in the bath tub. Seriously I had them all dressed and ready to go. We had 15 minutes to get out of the house and now I have two naked kids in the tub together. All I could do was laugh.

If you have a friend with kids and she is running late, don't be mad you never know what her kids put her through while she was trying to get out of the house.


I believe that it is easier to catch wild hogs than wrangle 2 toddlers and an infant.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

John Paul's Baptism

We have a wonderful priest who did an AMAZING job, and 2 wonderful God parents that were willing to take on the job of helping us raise our son in the Church. We are so thankful that we have found a GREAT church and made lasting friendships!