Tuesday, February 9, 2010

somthing about a trash can on the head

I am not sure what my kid's fascination is with trash cans on their heads, but I think I have about 30 pictures of them walking around our home with some sort of trash can or bucket over their head!

Monday, February 8, 2010

A princess

Annabelle's thoughts on getting a hair cut.

"Mommy you can't cut my hair. A princess needs long hair so prince charming can climb up it and marry me!"

I wonder what her dad would say about the one.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

New pictures and videos

I took a ton of new pictures this week. Here are a few. Annabelle taught John Paul pat a cake and he also started laughing this week!! He is growing so fast. I need him to slow down!

"A Winter Wonderland"

That is what my kids call it when they get their tiny little fingers on the baby powder. My kids for the 3rd time since the new year found the baby powder this morning. Before I knew it they had dumped 1/2 a box into the carpet and Judges hair. Note the pictures above. WHY?!

I made them clean it up as much as possible and called Dennis. (He had to go into work this morning at 2:30 but that is a whole other blog) So when Dennis got home he gave Annabelle a good talking to. He asked her why she did it and she said

"The baby powder makes me do strange things"

Oh my God where does she come up with this stuff.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

It just couldn't stop on a daiper note.

I thought after yesterday things had to start looking up around here. Well I was lucky this morning it did. I got the house cleaned, the floor moped the kids down for "down time" (The boys take a nap and Annabelle lays down downstairs).

Well downtime started a little late due to house cleaning. About 10 minutes after I sat down I hear Judge screaming his head off in his room (this is strange because my kids NEVER scream at nap time). I wanted to see if he was just playing and would put himself back to sleep before I went in. Lord knows I didn't want to go in there and get him. Well he didn't so I had to go in and get him up about 45 minutes early. If you are a mom and reading this you know that virtually skipping a nap is going to make for one hell of an evening.

After nap we headed downstairs to start dinner. Well it took me forever to get dinner started because Judge was so cranky and kept wanting to be held. But I finally got it stated and I was almost done and that's when I get the call! The call that I dread. The call that I have nightmares about. The call I could go the rest of my life without ever getting again.

"Hey baby its going to be a late night"

I wanted to die. I wanted to crawl under my bed. I wanted to run out onto the train tracks behind the house. It took everything inside of me to keep from screaming on the spot.

WHY WHY WHY! Why couldn't my week just turn around. Why today, this week of all weeks why? I just wanted 1 full day of something that resembled some kind of normalcy in this house.

So I ended up doing dinner, bath, and bed for all three kids ALONE. I don't mind doing baths but I like it better when it is 2 on 3 instead of 3 on 1. I have them all day and I love it but when 6 o'clock gets here Lord knows I am so ready to hand them over to their daddy. I want to have dinner and then give them to their dad so I can clean up and prepare for the next day.

I am not sure why when he has them at night it takes him an hour to do all 3 baths, stories and get them in bed. When I do it it takes me upwards of 2 and 1/2 hours!!!! They know when mom is doing baths and Dennis has even said that they act up more with me. They dump water on the floor so that when I go into the bathroom I almost break my neck. They take off running naked through the house after I get them out of the tub and I have to chase them. I like to think that I am pretty good at everything when it comes to the kids but baths are a totally different story. I guess it is because dad has been doing them since the kids were born and they are used to him. When I do it I think they secretly scheme to see just how far they can push me.

Well I got it done and all of them in bed......Looking back it was a pretty fun day even with all the craziness. It wouldn't be the Comeaux house without a little chaos.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A picture is worth 1000 words!

If it weren't for the smell I don't think I would have known what had happened until after he woke up from his nap!

I put John Paul down for a nap and went downstairs to do some house cleaning. I heard him grunting in his cradle. I thought hey he must be trying to get situated so he can fall asleep. Oh my God how wrong I was. I decided a few moments later to run up and make sure he was OK and sleeping!! He was sleeping, but my God when I opened the door the smell hit me like a 50 lb bag of crawfish that had been out in the sun for a week. I went to check his diaper and when I turned him over I got the SHOCK of my life. Note the picture above. I really don't think it does the whole situation justice but it was the best I could do. Can you say "DIAPER EXPLOSION!!!"

I don't know what I was thinking but I tried wiping him with a baby wipe. I gave up after a few minutes and gave him a bath!

Well that was the start of my day and it only went downhill from there. Judge snuck a box of crackers out of the kitchen and into the bathroom where he preceded to smash them into the tile and rug. Then I had my foot run over by a fire truck then not 5 minutes later had a rotary phone dropped on the same one. Judge pooped up the back of his diaper right before his nap and then unbeknown to me he took a juice cup to bed and spilt it all over his sheets. That cut his nap short and now he is as cranky as cranky gets.

As for my daughter. She some how found my hair spray once again and coated her pet dog in hair spray. After that she was a crab pot all day. WHINY WHINY WHINY!! ALL DAY LONG.

This afternoon I ordered pizza. feed John Paul, and have now turned them ALL over to their father. May God have mercy on his soul.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

And the story goes on.........

I knew it! I knew it! I knew it! After the morning I had yesterday I just knew this was going to be a VERY long week. It didn't stop yesterday, by late afternoon I got the icing on my cake......a headache. So needless to say I was ready to go to bed last night. After the day I had had I knew that there was a small possibility it could get worse and it did. Around 10ish Dennis gets a call from work that something broke and he was going to have to fix it.

He started working on it while in bed with me. I couldn't get to sleep until almost mid-night because of the racket he was making on the phone. The lady he was speaking with was
1. a sleep
2. high
3. using a translator to speak English
you take your pick, I just know by the time I finally got to sleep I was ready to jump through the phone!

Well then I get to sleep and John Paul wakes me about 1:30 (he has slept through the night now for almost 6 weeks!!) I feel asleep nursing him only to be woken by my daughter screaming at 3 am. After another member of the comeaux household crawled into our bed, decided she didn't like it there, then forced me to take he back to her room. I went back to sleep. MY GOD!!

When it rains it pours. I really think I could have handled it had it all happened on separate nights but all in one night. Give me a break! I was ready to jump out my window at 5 when John Paul got me back up! If this week doesn't get better I am going to go out and lay on the asphalt for a while!

Monday, February 1, 2010

I finally found her currency.

Annabelle's new currency aka the thing that she will work for is......drum roll please...... PLAY DATES!!

Being a family with only one car is very hard. Having one car means dad goes to work and mom and the kids stay home ALL THE TIME! Well we were lucky enough to move to a neighborhood where there are a few girls Annabelle's age. So it is fun sometimes to have them over or to get out of the house and head to their houses for a play date.

Well this morning when Annabelle came into my room she asked about one of her friends that lives down the street. So I told her that I would call and see if I could set something up AFTER we cleaned the house. Next thing i know my room is being cleaned by a 4 year old. she picked up all the dirty cloths and put them in the hamper and all
the trash in the trash can. I was so proud.

A way to start the day....

Sticky arms....screaming kids...and warm vomit running down my thigh is not my idea of a good start to the day. This is going to be a LLLOOONNNGGG week!!!