Sunday, February 7, 2010

"A Winter Wonderland"

That is what my kids call it when they get their tiny little fingers on the baby powder. My kids for the 3rd time since the new year found the baby powder this morning. Before I knew it they had dumped 1/2 a box into the carpet and Judges hair. Note the pictures above. WHY?!

I made them clean it up as much as possible and called Dennis. (He had to go into work this morning at 2:30 but that is a whole other blog) So when Dennis got home he gave Annabelle a good talking to. He asked her why she did it and she said

"The baby powder makes me do strange things"

Oh my God where does she come up with this stuff.


  1. My son did the same thing with corn starch a couple of years ago.
    I was upset at first but now I just laugh because it was pretty funny.
    Thanks for following my blog. :0)

  2. The TV that was in the winter wonderland finally died. :( RIP 42" flatscreen. :(



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