Monday, February 1, 2010

I finally found her currency.

Annabelle's new currency aka the thing that she will work for is......drum roll please...... PLAY DATES!!

Being a family with only one car is very hard. Having one car means dad goes to work and mom and the kids stay home ALL THE TIME! Well we were lucky enough to move to a neighborhood where there are a few girls Annabelle's age. So it is fun sometimes to have them over or to get out of the house and head to their houses for a play date.

Well this morning when Annabelle came into my room she asked about one of her friends that lives down the street. So I told her that I would call and see if I could set something up AFTER we cleaned the house. Next thing i know my room is being cleaned by a 4 year old. she picked up all the dirty cloths and put them in the hamper and all
the trash in the trash can. I was so proud.

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