Sunday, January 31, 2010

The kids

Thought I would post some new pics of the kids and let everyone see how much they are growing.

We just recently got Annabelle and Judge enrolled in school for next year. Annabelle will go Monday Wednesday and Friday 9-2 and Judge will go Tuesday and Thursday 9-11:30. They well be going to a great school St. Gregory the Great Catholic School in Danbury. We took them to see the school and meet their new teacher and neither one wanted to leave. I know they are going to love it but as for mom I am going to miss them so much.

As for John Paul he has learned 2 new tricks he can now roll from his belly to his back. He has also learned how to melt mom and dads heart. He SMILES ALL the time.

The cost of sleeping in

I have a great husband I really do. He lets me sleep in on Saturday morning and makes me breakfast in bed EVERY day. But sometimes I am not sure about the cost of some of the things he does for me. Like most Saturday morning I can expect the cost for an extra 3 hours of sleep is a trashed family and play room. I can expect that my kitchen will not be spotless after he makes me breakfast. But all that is OK I can handle most of it.

Well I got a big surprise last Saturday morning when I came downstairs. As always my little man ran to mommy and jumped into my lap on the couch. I was hugging and loving on him when I noticed some hair on his shirt. With a little more investigation I found A LOT of hair on his shirt. I turned to my husband just in time to see all the color drain from his face when I asked "Where did this come from?"

Before he could answer we both jumped off the couch and were running to the playroom screaming "ANNABELLE TERESA COMEAUX!!"

As we rounded the corner into the kitchen she came running out of the play room with this happy look on here face that quickly turned to guilt. She was screaming "MOMMY MOMMY I am going to be a barber when I grow up!"

I instantly grabbed he head and started tugging at her hair to see if it had been cut. Thankfully she was smart enough not to cut her own hair. If she had I am truly not sure who I would have killed first. When we finally got into the playroom I discovered that not only did she cut Judges hair she got a hold of a baby doll and a boba toy. She had filled a toy plate with HAIR!!

So after I got done with my screaming fit I just had to ask her how she got Judge to set still! I have tried cutting his hair, his grandmother has tried and every time he is a PAIN!! So she explained to me that she held his hand and he sat still for her. She said she didn't want him to have UGLY hair so she decided that she would cut it for him!

I couldn't be as mad as I wanted because Dennis was standing there with this dumbfounded look on his face. This look that he gets when he knows I am not happy or he is in trouble. It is a hard look to explain. He calls it his "please don't beat me look!"

I don't know what I am going to do with these kids they are trying to give me a heart attack it seems.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Note to self.............

Vomit doesn't magically disappear in the washing machine.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

What is that growing out of his belly button?

That was the question of the day!

I was changing John Paul's diaper and Annabelle decided to ask me "Hey mom what is that growing out of his belly button?" I was shocked she is 4 she shouldn't be asking me these things for another 5 years.

I thought hey if I can dodge the question it will just go away. Well being the persistent 4 year old she is she asked again. So I explained to her that there wasn't anything growing out of his belly button, closed his diaper, and left it at that. Well I tried to leave it at that.

Annabelle then began to explain to me the difference between boys and girls. I got the run down from a 4 year old about what makes a girl a girl and a boy a boy.

I think it is now time to start changing diapers in another room! I pray that she doesn't decide to have this conversation at school. How much do you tell a 4 year old? What questions do you answer? I am so NOT ready for this. SHE IS 4!!!!

I pray her father is around the next time she decides to describe the human anatomy! Then he can turn all 10 shades of red with me!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Of all things.

It is Friday. I was looking forward to a laid back evening with Dennis and the kids. Little did I know I was in for a very rude awakening. Around 4:40 I get a call from Dennis telling me that there is an 80% chance he may have to work a little late. I have been an I.T. wife long enough to know that usually means he will be home 2-3 hours late.

So I decided to skip making dinner and order the kids and I some pizza. The pizza took so long I ended up making the kids some soup and starting their baths. In the middle of giving Judge a bath the pizza arrived, so I went down stairs to pay for it. When I returned upstairs (This is where it all started to go down hill) I noticed something floating in the tub with Judge. That's right! You guessed it. HE POOPED IN THE TUB. After cleaning the tub and rerunning his water I was so ready for this night to be over.

I got the kids in bed and TRIED to relax. Moving from the south where everyone knows everyone to up here where you barely know your next door neighbors. I don't sleep that well when Dennis isn't home.

Well like I said being an I.T. wife I can gauge how long Dennis will be from the time frame he gives me.
5 minutes = 30 minutes to an hour
30 minutes = 1.5 hours
1 hour = 3 hours

Well once again I was right and Dennis ended up working until 9. As he always does he called me while leaving the office. He got to the parking lot and said "OH SHIT THE CAR IS FROZEN!" At this point I am like oh yeah really quit joking around and get your butt home.


Who has ever heard of a car freezing up that is just plain crazy. If it is cold enough for the locks on your car to freeze you need to move. This is nuts. Thank God that didn't happen to me I would have walked out in the middle of the interstate and waited for the next semi to come along and take me out.

Well after playing with the locks for 15 minutes I convinced him to try unfreezing it with some hot water. So he goes inside the building and gets a cup of water. A cup! I wasn't there but I can just see him going to the coffee machine getting a small cup and filling it with water. What is a cup going to do. He comes out and pours it on the door and of course nothing happened. Then he tries warming up the car by "banging" against the door with his butt. That didn't work!! So 30 minutes have passed and it is now 9:30. He is trying to decide if he should go back into the office and just sleep there until the sun comes up and warms up the car or continue to try and unfreeze it.

Well I once again convinced him to try the water thing but this time he filled a trash can with water. He brought it to the car and poured it down the door. As I sat on the other end of the phone I heard "OH YES YES YES!!!!!!"

It unfroze the locks and he came home. I am now the proud owner of a car with a dented drivers side door and a black trash can. I know that we have a great job here and all, but give me a break that is just to darn cold. When you can't lock your cars because of the cold then that is where I draw the line.

John Paul 3 months.

I thought I would post a new picture of John Paul so everyone can see just how much he has grown! I can't believe he is 3 months old today. It seems like yesterday were walking into Danbury Hospital.


"Its OK mom! Its OK! Just don''t move mom. Just don't move and it won't pinch."

"It still hurts"

"Its OK its pretty. Don't you want a hair style?"

"Not really"

"Well your getting one! You don't want ugly hair do you? What kind of hair style do you want?"

"One that doesn't hurt (silently screaming)"

"It not hurting mom. See" (yank)

whiplash "IT HURTS!"

"Fine you will just be ugly forever and I will never help your hairstyle again!!!"

Annabelle decided to brush my hair.


What is hair spray used for normally? If you are a women you can come up with quiet a few things.

But what about Kids?? What do our children believe hairspray should be used for? I am sure my children have seen me use it once or twice. So why do I find myself wondering why my 2 year old would SOAK my toilet seat with it?

I have come to the realization that NOTHING is safe. There is not one sq. inch of my home that is sacred. The whole look before you sit; now applies in my house!

I guess I could put him in time out or send him to his room but, when the toilet seat followed me back up, it was way to funny. I had to laugh. Now after a nice shower I find myself trying to relocate all my hair supplies.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

A few from the past.

I wanted to move these from my old blog. hope you all enjoy them! I sure cracked up when I read them again. The things we have done to one another!

I love my husband dearly! If I say it enough times maybe I won't kill him!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

What The......

So after working for about 36 hours straight Dennis came home and hung out with the kids and I. He was such a trooper. He finally went to bed at around 6. Well I got into bed about 8. Around 8:30ish I heard what I truly believed to be a gun shot outside. So instinctively I grabbed Dennis and said " Baby I heard a gun shot outside." He leaps out of bed (more like falls). Then runs smack into the closet door ( it looked more like a baseball player sliding into home plate) trying to get to the gun. Lord knows if anyone was trying to break into the house they would have been in bed with us by the time he got to the gun.

While all this was happening I had time to call the cops and tell them the whole story while he is somewhat on the floor and fumbling around in the closet. Well needless to say it was not a gun shot it was .... well i might as well tell you.... a fire cracker. How embarrassing. I woke my poor husband up for a fire cracker. Now I am sitting down stairs because Mr. cranky pants is in a bad mood and kicked mom out of the bed room because mommy woke him up (for a firecracker). Next time I will not wake him up until the robbers are in my bed!

Word to the wise don't wake your husband up after he has worked 36 hours straight for a firecracker. In my defense who shoots fire works on the 13th of June. I am sorry I woke him but it was kind of worth it because I have laughed so hard I now have heart burn. I swear if we didn't have kids he would probably be filling for divorce, and if I were not preggo I may be outside. Note to all women if your husband really pisses you off, wake him up with the statment " "baby I hard a gunshot." and enjoy the laughter that follows. It also works if you want to get out of sleeping in the same bed. I know from experiance

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My husband is a Genius. That statement says a lot. No really he is truly one of the smartest people I know. When it comes to anything "book smarts" he is the smartest person I know. But dear God when it comes to common sense he is as hopeless as a fish out of water. I truly think that God took off the day he was supposed to give him his "common sense chip". And once again at around 9 this morning my theory was proven again.

I was trying to prepare tonight's dinner and I noticed I needed some flour. So as any normal person would do I go to the cabinet to get my flour. When I reach for it I notice a small blue bowl sitting in front of it. So instinctively I try to remove it to get to my flour, but it won't move. I try a little harder. Still nothing, so I yank on it. I swear that was the biggest mistake of the day. Out comes a waterfall of liquid, and hits me right smack in the face.

At first I think what is a bowl of water doing in my cabinet. But then simultaneously this awful smell hits me and I realize that that wasn't water ( It was the yeast my dear sweat husband was trying to grow). Oh my the smell. The smell was so over whelming. As the liquid ran down my face and I began to gag the smell got worst and worst. I could not believe that this little bowl could have so much liquid in it ( and it hit me, pregnant me right in the face).

It was a very hard smell to describe. It was a mixture of rotten beer puke, and an that one Easter egg that had been hidden under your front porch for 6 months. After wiping my face and spraying so much Lysol I couldn't see, I called him. Now if all that didn't prove that he had no common sense what so ever, what he said next did. After telling him my horrifying story (while breathing through my mouth, and stripping my stinking shirt off.) He ask "You didn't through it away did you?" Forget about worrying about his pregnant gagging wife, he is worried about this concoction that has almost killed me. YES YES YES!!! I through it out and if anything of that sort is brought back into my house ever again I will through it and the person that brings it in out!!

After I finished my screaming fit I took a shower. I used every type of soap we own and the smell was still there. So I got the dish washing liquid and finally it dulled the smell enough so I could breath without gagging every five seconds.

If my morning does not once and for all prove that this man has absolutely no common sense nothing ever will. I still love him but I will get him back! After I get this smell off completely. Who knows there may be another fire cracker go off. But this time it may be in our bed room, under his side of the bed.

John Paul Ricard Comeaux

Our youngest. The baby of the family, for now anyway. John Paul was our "reuniting" baby. :)

Dennis and I had been away from one another for 9 months after he got laid off in FL. I moved in with my parents in Mississippi while Dennis moved up here to get us settled. Dennis thought it would be funny to joke that when I got here would have a baby 9 months later. Like I said God has a sense of humor about these types of comments. Remember Judge!!!

John Paul was our first and hopefully last NICU baby. I never want to have to sleep in one of those hospital chairs again. He was 5 weeks early and weighed in at 5 14. He had a few breathing problems at first but he over came them and only spent 5 days in the NICU. We brought him home and he has been growing like a weed ever since.

He isn't like my other kids. Maybe it is because he was in the NICU but I treat him a little different. He still has no schedule what so ever. My other two were on the very strict schedule at 3 months. As for John Paul he naps when he wants, eat when he wants, and all he has to do is yell and I drop everything and take off running. I need to get better and put him on a decent routine. But I really can't help it! Every time I see him start to cry I have flash backs to the NICU. I have read a lot that say they go away with time. I sure hope so because I need at least 5 minutes a day when all 3 of my munchkins are sleeping and I can just sit!

Dennis Judge

Named after his father and his grandfather Dennis Judge, known as Judge is our oldest boy. He was the BIG surprise. All I had to do was jokingly mention to my husband that I wanted another baby. Wam Bam Thank you MAM 9 months later we were holding him a Jacksonville Fl Hospital.

Our oldest was only 9 months old and I hadn't even gotten my period back and we ended up preggers. God has a nice sense of humor. I was swimming in that river; over in Egypt known as the DENIAL for two long months before my husband finally convinced me to take a pregnancy test. When I saw those two pink lines I did everything short of dying. I shook that pregnancy test like a etch a sketch but there were still two pink lines. I turned it upside down, flipped it over, threw it in the air nothing, still pregnant!

Well 7 months later we had our son. He was a little smaller then his sister only 6 14 but he has made up the difference since then. Oh my, looking at him then I could have never imagined just how much of a caring, sweet, loving mommas boy he would turn into.

He loves trucks and books. He doesn't socialize as much as his sister does. He is a lot more laid back. He really isn't much for strangers. Annabelle would walk up to one and give him her number at 2. Judge just runs and hides behind his momma. He is my baby. I think he will always be my baby. At least I hope!


My oldest.
My only girl.
Little Miss Attitude.
Daddy's heart.
The talkative one.

There are a thousand words I could use to describe my daughter. February 25th 2006 at 4:15 pm weighing 7 lbs 4 ozs Annabelle Teresa Comeaux was born. She was the most beautiful little girl that had ever been conceived, at least in her parents eyes. She was our first. She was our baby. She is the one that taught her father and I what "being a parent" is all about. She is the one that surprises us everyday with something new and funny. She is also the one that will make you lock yourself in the bathroom for an hour just to get away from her mouth.

Annabelle is the type of child that talks NON stop! After you acknowledge her for the sixth time she MAY stop repeating herself, but don't count on it. The things that child has said or repeated!! I know when she gets in trouble at school it will be because of her mouth. I don't think you could keep it closed with super glue.

She may not always be quiet or listen to everything we tell her. She may make us want to tape her mouth shut or pull out our hair. She might not always share with her brothers. But I have seen what BAD kids are like and thank God she isn't one of them. She is kind and loving. She watches out for her brothers and loves God. She knows how to make her daddy melt in her hand. And she knows just what to say when mommy is worried about her starting school.

She is our baby and I have to thank God for giving me her first. I am not sure if the boys could have survived being my first born.

A little more about me!

I am a small town southern girl who recently moved North! I can't believe it. I come from a town with one stop light. Now I am living a couple hours outside New York City. My husband got laid off a couple of years ago and the only place we could find work was "up north" so we packed up the family and here we are. For being the girl in school that everyone thought would "live at home forever" I think I have shocked quiet a few people . I wonder what happened to the girls that wanted to travel the world? They must be in SPACE if I am in New York.

I am a devout Catholic with old school beliefs. My husband and I do not use birth control so you never really know when the next little Comeaux will pop up. I think that is what makes our life so interesting.

I have been married now to my husband for almost 5 years. We were not high school sweethearts or anything like that. I could say it was love at first sight but it was actually love at first chat! We met by chance one night online, even though our paths had crossed many times before, we never knew it until after we were married. We dated for a month and he proposed on the beach in Biloxi Mississippi. Two months later in a little court house in Summerville GA we were married. We have had our ups and downs but at the end of the day we still love each other and marriage is a binding thing! It means FOREVER in our eyes, its not a piece of paper. I couldn't just get rid of him if I wanted. Lord knows there have been times!! :)

I have the best job in the world. I stay at home full time with my 3 beautiful children. My days are long and sometimes do not end until the 2 am but I love it! I am living my dream and I have one person to thank for that, my wonderful husband. If it wasn't for him I would not and could not be the mother I am. Since I was a little girl I have dreamed of being a mother and now that dream has come true. My 3 kids are my world.

Well thats me plain girl married boy and lives happily ever after! ;)