Thursday, January 7, 2010

Dennis Judge

Named after his father and his grandfather Dennis Judge, known as Judge is our oldest boy. He was the BIG surprise. All I had to do was jokingly mention to my husband that I wanted another baby. Wam Bam Thank you MAM 9 months later we were holding him a Jacksonville Fl Hospital.

Our oldest was only 9 months old and I hadn't even gotten my period back and we ended up preggers. God has a nice sense of humor. I was swimming in that river; over in Egypt known as the DENIAL for two long months before my husband finally convinced me to take a pregnancy test. When I saw those two pink lines I did everything short of dying. I shook that pregnancy test like a etch a sketch but there were still two pink lines. I turned it upside down, flipped it over, threw it in the air nothing, still pregnant!

Well 7 months later we had our son. He was a little smaller then his sister only 6 14 but he has made up the difference since then. Oh my, looking at him then I could have never imagined just how much of a caring, sweet, loving mommas boy he would turn into.

He loves trucks and books. He doesn't socialize as much as his sister does. He is a lot more laid back. He really isn't much for strangers. Annabelle would walk up to one and give him her number at 2. Judge just runs and hides behind his momma. He is my baby. I think he will always be my baby. At least I hope!

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