Thursday, January 7, 2010

John Paul Ricard Comeaux

Our youngest. The baby of the family, for now anyway. John Paul was our "reuniting" baby. :)

Dennis and I had been away from one another for 9 months after he got laid off in FL. I moved in with my parents in Mississippi while Dennis moved up here to get us settled. Dennis thought it would be funny to joke that when I got here would have a baby 9 months later. Like I said God has a sense of humor about these types of comments. Remember Judge!!!

John Paul was our first and hopefully last NICU baby. I never want to have to sleep in one of those hospital chairs again. He was 5 weeks early and weighed in at 5 14. He had a few breathing problems at first but he over came them and only spent 5 days in the NICU. We brought him home and he has been growing like a weed ever since.

He isn't like my other kids. Maybe it is because he was in the NICU but I treat him a little different. He still has no schedule what so ever. My other two were on the very strict schedule at 3 months. As for John Paul he naps when he wants, eat when he wants, and all he has to do is yell and I drop everything and take off running. I need to get better and put him on a decent routine. But I really can't help it! Every time I see him start to cry I have flash backs to the NICU. I have read a lot that say they go away with time. I sure hope so because I need at least 5 minutes a day when all 3 of my munchkins are sleeping and I can just sit!

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