Thursday, January 7, 2010


My oldest.
My only girl.
Little Miss Attitude.
Daddy's heart.
The talkative one.

There are a thousand words I could use to describe my daughter. February 25th 2006 at 4:15 pm weighing 7 lbs 4 ozs Annabelle Teresa Comeaux was born. She was the most beautiful little girl that had ever been conceived, at least in her parents eyes. She was our first. She was our baby. She is the one that taught her father and I what "being a parent" is all about. She is the one that surprises us everyday with something new and funny. She is also the one that will make you lock yourself in the bathroom for an hour just to get away from her mouth.

Annabelle is the type of child that talks NON stop! After you acknowledge her for the sixth time she MAY stop repeating herself, but don't count on it. The things that child has said or repeated!! I know when she gets in trouble at school it will be because of her mouth. I don't think you could keep it closed with super glue.

She may not always be quiet or listen to everything we tell her. She may make us want to tape her mouth shut or pull out our hair. She might not always share with her brothers. But I have seen what BAD kids are like and thank God she isn't one of them. She is kind and loving. She watches out for her brothers and loves God. She knows how to make her daddy melt in her hand. And she knows just what to say when mommy is worried about her starting school.

She is our baby and I have to thank God for giving me her first. I am not sure if the boys could have survived being my first born.

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  1. her birthday is 2 days after my edd and 1 day before my step daughter rachels bday. :) I didn't know her middle name is Teresa. My moms name was Theresa and so was my late Kyla's middle name :)


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