Thursday, January 21, 2010

What is that growing out of his belly button?

That was the question of the day!

I was changing John Paul's diaper and Annabelle decided to ask me "Hey mom what is that growing out of his belly button?" I was shocked she is 4 she shouldn't be asking me these things for another 5 years.

I thought hey if I can dodge the question it will just go away. Well being the persistent 4 year old she is she asked again. So I explained to her that there wasn't anything growing out of his belly button, closed his diaper, and left it at that. Well I tried to leave it at that.

Annabelle then began to explain to me the difference between boys and girls. I got the run down from a 4 year old about what makes a girl a girl and a boy a boy.

I think it is now time to start changing diapers in another room! I pray that she doesn't decide to have this conversation at school. How much do you tell a 4 year old? What questions do you answer? I am so NOT ready for this. SHE IS 4!!!!

I pray her father is around the next time she decides to describe the human anatomy! Then he can turn all 10 shades of red with me!

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