Thursday, February 4, 2010

It just couldn't stop on a daiper note.

I thought after yesterday things had to start looking up around here. Well I was lucky this morning it did. I got the house cleaned, the floor moped the kids down for "down time" (The boys take a nap and Annabelle lays down downstairs).

Well downtime started a little late due to house cleaning. About 10 minutes after I sat down I hear Judge screaming his head off in his room (this is strange because my kids NEVER scream at nap time). I wanted to see if he was just playing and would put himself back to sleep before I went in. Lord knows I didn't want to go in there and get him. Well he didn't so I had to go in and get him up about 45 minutes early. If you are a mom and reading this you know that virtually skipping a nap is going to make for one hell of an evening.

After nap we headed downstairs to start dinner. Well it took me forever to get dinner started because Judge was so cranky and kept wanting to be held. But I finally got it stated and I was almost done and that's when I get the call! The call that I dread. The call that I have nightmares about. The call I could go the rest of my life without ever getting again.

"Hey baby its going to be a late night"

I wanted to die. I wanted to crawl under my bed. I wanted to run out onto the train tracks behind the house. It took everything inside of me to keep from screaming on the spot.

WHY WHY WHY! Why couldn't my week just turn around. Why today, this week of all weeks why? I just wanted 1 full day of something that resembled some kind of normalcy in this house.

So I ended up doing dinner, bath, and bed for all three kids ALONE. I don't mind doing baths but I like it better when it is 2 on 3 instead of 3 on 1. I have them all day and I love it but when 6 o'clock gets here Lord knows I am so ready to hand them over to their daddy. I want to have dinner and then give them to their dad so I can clean up and prepare for the next day.

I am not sure why when he has them at night it takes him an hour to do all 3 baths, stories and get them in bed. When I do it it takes me upwards of 2 and 1/2 hours!!!! They know when mom is doing baths and Dennis has even said that they act up more with me. They dump water on the floor so that when I go into the bathroom I almost break my neck. They take off running naked through the house after I get them out of the tub and I have to chase them. I like to think that I am pretty good at everything when it comes to the kids but baths are a totally different story. I guess it is because dad has been doing them since the kids were born and they are used to him. When I do it I think they secretly scheme to see just how far they can push me.

Well I got it done and all of them in bed......Looking back it was a pretty fun day even with all the craziness. It wouldn't be the Comeaux house without a little chaos.

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