Monday, August 9, 2010

A taste of her own medicine.

When Annabelle was younger she loved to flush the toilet. I think all kids have had this fascination at one time or another. Her favorite time to do this was when mommy was on it. I really think she loved the reaction she got. I guess seeing me jump 4 feet off the can screaming at the top of my lungs cracked her up a bit.

Well today at the park I think it all finally caught up with her. When we go to the rest room Annabelle decided she wanted to have the big stall. So naturally her bother followed her in, while John Paul and I used the small stall. A few seconds after we get in she tells me she can't reach the toilet. I told her to try harder and she made it on. NOT 5 second after she informs me that she has manged to get onto the potty I hear the toilet flushing and Annabelle screaming at the top of her lungs.

"BROTHER! NO! Mom brother flushed the toilet while I was on it and wet my whole butt. I think he was trying to flush me down it but now I have water all over my butt. BROTHER why did you do that!"

I could not help but crack up laughing. I almost fell trying to get out of the stall to see her face. It was a priceless moment I wish I could have caught on camera. I guess that is another good thing to having kids. They get to do things that moms and dads want to do, but would never get away with doing.

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