Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Potty Boot-Camp Day 1

I started training Judge today. We have taken away ALL diapers and now only have big boy pants during the day and a pull up at night.

It was challenging but we made it through day 1 of potty boot camp DRY!!!

We started this morning we had a fun filled 2 hours on the potty. We played puzzles read books and he finally went pee pee on the potty. To say I was proud just wouldn't do the situation justice.
He started to pee at one point (this is where mommy learned an important lesson) and it went everywhere so he "stopped it" you could say. Then with a little encouragement he started back up again, but this time his gun was pointed south.

After he peed on the potty I made such a big deal about it. He got a car, suckers, and M&M's. He was really proud of himself but still really unsure about the whole "big boy pants" thing. He kept asking for his diaper back. Thank GOD I had Thomas the Train underpants (*Note to all moms make sure you have really cool/speacial underpants in case this problem arises.) I finally talked him into wearing his new underpants. The bets had been placed, would he or wouldn't he pee in them.

He didn't! He went 2 1/2 hours completely dry and then it was back to the potty. Another 2 1/2 hours on the potty and he did it again!! HE PEED IN THE POTTY!!

After all the trouble he gave me today about wearing big boy undies, tonight when it was time for the pull-up he cried and said he wanted to wear his undies to bed. Dennis and I finally talked him into putting the pull up on and he went to bed dry! Lets all hope he is dry in the morning.

Yes is was a VERY VERY VERY long day in the bathroom, but it was so worth it. When Judge started to get discouraged I just changed it up. We would play a different game or read a new book. Today was all about letting him see where the pee comes out and learning the mechanics of it all.

So I would say day 1 of potty boot camp was a complete success!! Day 2 starts tomorrow at 6 am. We will still be using POSITIVE reinforcement (NO NEGATIVITY, the potty is a happy and fun place.) We will be changing a few things, like how long we sit on the potty and how often we go. But we have our potty treats (M&M'S and suckers) and a bag of new match-box cars (he will earn one each time he pees on the potty.) Everyone keep your fingers crossed for another good day tomorrow and hopefully we will get a poop in the potty tomorrow.

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