Tuesday, May 24, 2011

10 things men can NOT do in the bath room.

After being married for almost 6 years I have found that there are just some things that men are incapable of doing in the bathroom. No matter how much you scream and grip it is just plain impossible for men to correctly accomplish these tasks.

1. Lifting or lowering of the toilet lid

If the man lifts the lid there is a 100% chance he will not lower it, thus the women in the house will fall into the toilet. Then on the other hand if he doesn't lift then the woman of the house will sit in urine, plain and simple.

2. They can't change the roll.

If the toilet paper in the bathroom has run out, will then it's just out. No more is being made or they are unable to find any so therefore the toilet paper roll shall remain empty FOREVER.

3. Replacing the soap.

Once the soap is gone (like the toilet paper) the company has failed to reproduce more so we shall all stink until we die.

4. Replace the lid on the tooth paste.

Apparently the lid is put there for store purposes only. Once the lid is removed it either doesn't fit the tube anymore, or disappears and therefore the tooth paste will not have a lid for the duration of it's life span.

5. Cleaning the hair brush.

Either the hair will slowly degrade inside the hair brush or the hair brush is supposed to be disposable, I haven't figured out which one yet.

6. Cleaning the sink after shaving.

I am not sure what my husband thinks will happen to all the hair that is left in the sink. I can only presume that he thinks it will magically disappear or blow away.

7. Removing empty bottles of shampoo from the shower.

There is apparently a magical fairy that comes and throws the bottles of empty shampoo and body wash away. I would like to meet her and tell her to brush up on her job skills because she sucks!

8. Drying the floor after a shower.

It's a bathroom so the floors should be soaked 24-7????

9. unclogging the drain in the shower.


10. Picking up their DIRTY CLOTHES.

Once again I believe that men believe that there is a magically little fairy that flies around after them picking up there dirty underwear and sock just because they have chest hair.

So after 6 years of marriage I have learned that either MEN are inherently lazy OR I need to hire new fairy's and tip them better next time.

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