Sunday, May 1, 2011

Potty Boot-Camp Day 5

OK things are getting easier. No he isn't peeing on the potty, but I feel this huge weight has been lifted. I think it is because I have accept that it's going to take time! Oh well, he pees on the floor, I am NOT going back. By accepting all this it taken ALL of the frustration out of the process. He will eventually get tired of cleaning it up and then start using the potty, if not.....oh well. I can't make him learn I can just make it possible for him to learn.

He is continuing to stop the pee when it starts coming out, but he is still not letting it come out while he is on the potty. So we get damp underpants every 30 minutes. I am trying to find a way to explain to him that it is good to stop it when not on the potty, but he needs to let it out once he makes it to the potty. I will do more reading tonight and see if I can find the answer. Maybe another mom has dealt with this.

Another thing that I am trying to decide on is what do I do when he stops the pee and sits on the potty. Do I make him sit until he pees or do I set a timer. The reason I am having a problem deciding is because he can hold it for hours. I put him on the potty after he starts and make him sit there but he holds it in until I let him up or pees just a little and then ask to get up. But if I set a timer, he gets up then right after he gets his underpants, he wets them a little.

I did make a reward wall today with all his match box cars (see picture below). I am hopeing this gives him a little more incentive in the bathroom.

Lets hope something clicks tomorrow.

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