Sunday, May 22, 2011

Road Block

Yes I am very proud my little man is pee trained, BUT the poop part isn't happening. He has been using the potty for almost 3 weeks and hasn't pooped once on it. He continuies to wait until he is in a pull-up or he just uses his big boy pants. I understand this will take time. Everyone keeps telling me that poop take longer to learn, but I am pregnant and cleaning poop out of underwear....well lets just say I am at the end of my rope.

I had hoped that if we just kept with it then something would click, but that hasn't worked. I have been positive. I have begged, hey I have even tried shaming him. Nope nothing. So on Wednesday we took Annabelle to the toy store (she learned her phone number and address). We picked out some really cool new toys and I have them hanging in the bathroom. Do you think he cares, NO! He is content to set there and look at them for the rest of his life.

I am at a road block. What do I do? Do I buy a bigger toy and try bribing him with that? Do I make him sit there until he goes? Or do I just take him outside and hose him down every time he poops his pants and hope he gets it then? (<-- this is Dennis' choice.)

UGH. He HAS to be COMPLETELY trained by September! He needs to learn to poop on the potty, use it without the potty cushion, and learn not to completely undress every time he needs to go. There is still so much he needs to learn and I see the time slowly slipping away from me. I am NOT giving up, he will get it. Yes this is a little frustrating but it was frustrating in the beginning when we started out, and look at how far we have come. This will just take time and I need to accept that. I am sure it will get a lot easier once I do.

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