Saturday, May 14, 2011


Well I can say that Judge IS potty trained. He has a few accidents here and there and he has not learned how to poop on the potty, but he is completely "pee" trained!!

I am still not sure how I am going to teach him that the poop belongs in the potty, but I am making him clean up his messes and I will just keep reminding him that he needs to make poop on the potty. I am also promising him a trip to the toy store when he finally poops on the potty.

I am so happy I did not give up. There were several days where I wanted to say "I quit" and I wanted to put him back in diapers, but I DIDN'T!

There is light at the end of the tunnel if you are potty training. DON'T GIVE UP! It will happen. I will not lie, it's not going to happen over night or when you want it to. Stick with it and when you feel like you are going to pull your hair out just remember you are strong and you can do it. If your a mom it should be a piece of cake compared to giving birth and all those mid night feeding. Potty training has nothing on sleep deprivation.

I am so proud to see our work has paid off. It was only a week and a half but it did seem like an eternity. WE DID IT!!!

The next challenge is going to be seeing if you can go out of the house. We are starting slow. I took him to sit with the ladies on Monday and I brought his potty cushion and he went while we were there. But I am not carrying a potty seat around forever. He is going to need to learn to use big potty seats without the cushion we have at home.

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