Sunday, January 22, 2012

Just like her momma.....

Last night when I went into Annabelle's room to take the pictures for my 365 blog, I accidentally woke Anna-bug up. So since it wasn't a school night and I really needed some time with my sweet little girl, I asked her if she wanted to watch a movie in her bed with me. I know bad momma waking my kid up at 10:00 for pictures and momma time. What can I say I miss her so much now that she has started school. At times I cry just thinking that from here on out she will be in school everyday and after that, in like 12 1/2 more years, she will be gone. OK enough justifying it...I am good at that one!

Well we put Ice Age in the portable DVD player and I went downstairs to grab a bit to eat. I came back with a sandwich and some pickles Annabelle took the pickles right away and as we watched our movie, and I ate my sandwich, she turned to me and said "Mom you know what? I really don't like the ends of the pickles."

"What do you mean bug? The outside of it, like the bread crust?"

"No mom like the tail part. Next time you bring me pickles please peel the pig tails off first."

I cracked up. She is so funny sometimes. I love them so much and watching that movie last night and getting to snuggle with her was priceless.

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