Friday, January 13, 2012

Day 13...... Friday the 13th!

Seriously! 3 times in 7 days!! Tonight we were doing arts and crafts at the table and Johnny was in my lap. I was trying to put him on the floor so I could draw some apples and worms that the older kids needed to cut out for their craft. Well when I tried to put him down he lunged forward and bagged his lip on the table. Now we have our 3rd and hopefully FINAL busted lip for the week! I am blaming Friday the 13th for this one! Tomorrow I am going to line them up and get a photo of their lips.....More Chaos inside the Comeaux house!


I can't wait for UNIFORMS! After 6 shirts, 3 skirts, and 2 pairs of tights (and I am NOT exaggerating even a little bit.) We finally settled on the pink stripe dress with about 10 minutes to spare. YAY for uniforms next year!!!

Even though she makes me want to pull my hair out sometimes, I still love her more and more with every passing day.

Her poor lip.

This morning as my bug was walking out the door for school. I screamed from across the house. "ANNA STOP!"
She turned and looked at me......"What mom?"
"Sweetie you have no shoes on."
"Thanks a lot dad. You were going to let me go with no shoes?"
Gotta love when dad gets the blame instead of mom!!!


School time.

I love this picture. Judge looks like he is busting a move :).

Today we worked on patterns.

Brown, Blue, Green. Brown, Blue, Green. Brown.......

More patterns!!!

Arts and Crafts time!

Judge and I made a sail boat!


John Paul worked on his colors today!

I almost forgot.... I was so proud of Johnny this morning. Dennis called me downstairs this morning because Johnny pooped in the potty!!! Dennis noticed "he was doing his business" and brought him to the potty and he went!! YAY! I can't say I am going to start potty training just yet but I am super proud and I think he will be A LOT easier to train compared to Judge. He sees Judge going and is always talking about the potty. So we will see. We may have another round of potty boot camp coming up this summer!

I got some great advice from a friend of mine on homeschooling both the boys together, and I tried it out. When Judge and I were doing something I made sure Johnny was around and involved in a small way. Also when working with Judge, I found something similar to do with Johnny. Like when Judge and I were working with patterns I gave Johnny blocks and started helping him sort them by colors. It seemed to work really well. She pointed out that as long as Johnny was around he would learn from the older ones and he would pick up on things! So grateful to have great moms/friends with great advice.

Johnny working with shapes while Judge and I made a boat out of paper!


Yes he is always HAPPY!

Don't you want to squeeze him.

Liam and Rabbit

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