Friday, January 20, 2012

Day 20........They know how to take care of their momma

Today was a slow day to say the least. I remember all of about 3 hours. Momma had a migraine. So I missed out on the kids until about 5 this afternoon. Judge missed his "Homework" as he calls it, Dennis had to pack Annabelle's lunch (I still haven't asked how that went), John Paul didn't leave my side, and I think I saw Liam twice for about 10 minutes. I tried to make up for it tonight with the older 3. They made homemade bathtub paint and painted my bathtubs (Annabelle in my bath and Judge and John Paul in the hall bath).

They are so sweet when I am sick. It seems like they just know when mom is about to get sick. Like they have 6th sense about it all. They can being giving me a a really hard time the day before a migraine hits but once it hits no matter what they are doing they just know. It could be 6 am and they come into my bedroom and ask me right away if I am ok. It is truly like they are different kids when I have a migraine. They don't give me an once of trouble. Don't get me wrong I will take screaming, crying, make me want to pull my hair out kids any day of the week over a migraine that last 10 minutes. I love them more when I am able to interact with them outside of a dark closet.

So even though today was a very slow day it did turn around this afternoon and I got a chance to play with Annabelle, Judge, and John Paul. I will just have to make sure to spend a little extra time with my little Liam tomorrow.


I am not sure how I manged to drag myself out of bed and get her dressed and photographed this morning. I honestly have very little memory of it all! I am guessing she was an angel as always I mean look at the smile.

It was cold this morning I think I put like 3 shirts on her.


Dennis took this picture at nap time. I don't know how he ended up in bed with me but when I woke up he was curled up next to me.

He was happy momma was feeling better.


Cars 2

He didn't leave my side hardly at all today. He stayed right next to me and took care of me with Judge. They brought me the remote when I needed it and drink out of the bathroom. I could tell they wanted me to feel better so badly.


Liam in his bed. He went to bed right after I started to feel a little bit better so I didn't get any awake pictures of him today.


YAY momma was starting to feel better.....I think it's because my boys took such good care of me.

Johnny even shared his cereal with me.

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