Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Crafty ways of learning.....Snow people, Paper Dolls!


In honor of the first snow day of 2012 the kids and I made "Snow People Paper Dolls" that is a mouth full.

I really wanted to keep the theme (Everyone is different but equal) from yesterday going and also do something fun for snow day. So playing a little off the theme from yesterday, when the kids and I made our snow people paper dolls, each snow man was exactly the same shape and size but we made sure no 2 were alike. Each snow man/women had his/her our face and clothes.

This is a fun way to help kids develop those much needed cutting skills, and also stick with the theme from MLK day!

*White Rectangular paper (Large Construction paper works well)
*Markers or Crayons
* Glue
*Scraps of colored construction paper
*Safety Scissors

Step 1
Make an accordion fold with the white paper. Make the width of the paper (after folds are made) about 3 to 4 inches.

Step 2
Use the pencil to draw the snow man on the paper. Make sure the arms and the bottom of the snow man go a little off the paper on each side.
*You may want to help your little one with the drawing.

Notice how the arms go off the paper and the bottom of the snow man goes off on both sides.

Step 3
Cut out the snow person , cutting all layers of paper at the same time. Make sure NOT to cut the parts that extend off the paper.
* I tole my daughter "ONLY cut the pencil lines. If there isn't a mark your scissors shouldn't touch it."

Annabelle cutting her snow people.

Judge is getting a lot better at cutting.

Step 4
Unfold the paper and draw faces for each figure.

Snow People,

Paper Dolls.


Step 5
Cut out dresses, scarf shapes, hats, and other things you may want to use to "dress" you snow people.
*IMPORTANT If you are planing this craft for kids under 7 you should REALLY REALLY make the clothes a head of time. It's a great craft but my kids would lose interest VERY quickly if they had to sit and make clothes for an hour. Mom would also probably go crazy from listening to them whine about how the can't do it right or how they need moms help every 5 minutes.

The dresses, hats and scarfs for the snow people.

The clothes took a while to make but the kids really loved them. and they got to add a few touches of their own once they were on their snow people.

Step 6
Decorate your snow people using pre-made clothes, markers, and/or small pieces of construction paper cut into different shapes.

One down 3 to go.

Number 2.

Using markers to draw buttons.

Judge made a comment tonight about his snow people being better than Anna's' which was a great time for mom to remind everyone in the house that no ones was better. They were different, and all beautiful in their own way!

Thank God for washable glue.

Hard at work.


Annabelle and her snow people.

The best picture I could get of Judge and his snow people.

Made by Judge Comeaux

Made by Annabelle Comeaux

Our BEAUTIFUL Snow People Paper Dolls!

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