Sunday, January 8, 2012

Day 8.....YAY Liam!!!

Liam had a very big day today. During "down time" (when we send all the kids to their rooms for either naps or quite time.) he started blowing bubbles. It was so adorable. For about 15 minutes he babbled and blew raspberries. Apparently according to Dennis, Annabelle has been teaching him some new tricks. I wish I would have caught it on camera but I got tons of pictures while he was awake and HAPPY!

He has also finally learned how to roll from his back to his belly! I have always said the moms worst enemy with a 6 month old is the roll! The roll from the belly to the back! With my kids in particular, because they sleep on their belly. I guess I should say they don't sleep unless they are on their belly. Not a minute. Not a second. They would rather scream until Dennis and I go in and flip them back onto their belly! (Yes I know that infants should sleep on their backs. We have a monitor that goes off if they stop breathing and there are a lot worse things for kids (ie. Mom driving into another car because of exhaustion.) so we do what we have too.)
I also always say a mother greatest gift with a 6 month old baby is the roll. The roll from back to belly! Liam has been flipping himself for about the past month which has meant many mid-night trips to his room. But FINALLY this after noon, when he was playing on the floor in my room, HE DID IT! I was cleaning my closet and Dennis was making the bed and Annabelle said "Oh look he turned himself over."
Needless to say I didn't believe her until Dennis walked around the bed and said "Oh my God, he did. He really did it."
Then I followed that with "Lets hope he remembers how he did it."
So I guess we will see about 12:30 tonight if it was a one time thing or if he really has learned how to put himself back on his belly.

Mommy also learned something this morning at about 6 am when Judge came into my room. Last night he wanted to take a photo album to bed so I let him but it was only half full. When he was climbing into bed he got upset because he wanted it full of pictures like Annabelle's. So I hugged and Kissed him and promised to do it first thing in the morning. Well what he said next broke my heart. "It's always in the morning momma."

Yeah apparently mom needs to start following through with all those night time promises. I hadn't really noticed it until then but there are a lot of times when he is going to bed and wants something and to get him in bed fast I just say "OK. In the morning."

I guess he is really paying attention and not just asking for stuff so he can get out of going to bed. So when he woke up this morning and came in my room. Instead of sending him downstairs for breakfast and telling him we would do it later. I dragged my self out of bed, found a box of old photos, and spent 30 minutes putting them inside the picture book that he carried around with him all day. It's still amazes me how sometimes no matter how hard we try and be great parents we still miss some of the smallest/easiest things, and it take a sweet, kind, patient little boy to point them out. So moms lessons for the day.

1. Always follow through with the promises you make your kids. They do remember.

2. Don't make promises you can't keep, just to get your kids to do something.

3. Don't make promises that are going to cause you to have to get out of bed at 6 am when you have only had 3 hours sleep.

Gotta love the lessons your kids teach you.

OOPS. So I had took some AMAZING pictures of the kids today. Dennis also reinstalled my lap top tonight. If you at a computer person you probably know what comes next. When you reinstall a computer you must back up all the stuff you want so it is not deleted. Well he backed up all my pictures and put them on the server we have in the basement. So tonight when I was uploading the pictures from today he told me "Put them where you always put them and I will get them."
So like any normal human being I did! WRONG what he meant to say was put them on the server where they should be. BUT HE DIDN'T! So I thought he was going to do one more sync before he reinstalled my computer. HE DIDN'T! I lost all my pictures from today! I have not thrown him out of the house yet but I can't say for certain if he will be in the back yard or the front at 6 am.

Well since I lost ALL my pictures from today and I didn't want to miss a day of my 365 I went into their rooms and took pictures of them sleeping. They are still adorable and 3 out of the 4 kids slept through it. As for Liam the flash woke him up and he had a bottle (that Dennis made and feed to him.) and is now back a sleep in his bed. I still can't decide on a proper punishment but I think removing the last 10 pages from his current book and letting John Paul us them as coloring pages might make me feel better.


Sleeping beauty.

Annabelle and her pillow pets

My sweet angel.


It's a camp out every night in Judge's room.

Elvis was still up.


He looks like he is in jail.

He was snoring....just like his daddy.


Hamburger was still awake too.

Now Liam is too.

Such a cutie, even when he is woken up because of daddy.

Happy to see momma.

Mommas smiling boy.


I would not want my picture taken either if I had done what he did.


He was so happy he was holding Liam.....I wonder why?

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