Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Day 17.....SNOW DAY.

The first snow of the new year....well its also the first snow since OCTOBER! When we first moved here I hated the snow, but it has grown on me. No better way to wear 3 kids out!! Jump on the sled and head down the hill in the back yard about 6 times and they sleep like babies for downtime.

Last night around 10 we finally got some snow. It wasn't much. Not even enough to get the sled out for. But still it was nice to see all the dead grass covered in pretty clean white snow. Even if it only lasted until around 1 this afternoon.

On the plus side the kids have finally stopped believing their dad when it comes to how the snow melts. For the first 2 years we lived here he told them that momma was the reason the snow melted. Apparently because I hated the snow I had the power to melt it and make it all disappear. The kids really believed him and blamed me every time the snow would melt. I think that is why I like the snow so much now, I had to pray for it not to melt so I wouldn't have to worry about the kids locking me out of the house if and when it did.

Because of the snow Annabelle had a 2 hour delay this morning which meant Judge and Johnny also got a 2 hour delay! Gotta love Snow days! After our day got going it was pretty productive. Judge worked on reading and matching his colors, and Johnny.....well Johnny was not really interested in much of anything today. He id color a bit but I think he is cutting his 2 year molars because he can be a crab pot from time to time lately.

Also made a fabulous dinner and an awesome snowman craft with the kids in honor of the first snow day.


YAY 2 hour delay!!!

She knows she is cute!

Having a pink day.

I bought that clip when she was about 6 months and today is the first time she has wore it since then!

Her snow shirt.

How can you live within 2 hours of NYC and Jersey with a hot pink sweat suite.

Our snow man craft.


All done.


Judge was upset by the delay....can you tell?

Working on colors.

Mom and Judge trying to figure out what the next color is supposed to be.

Almost done with our color booklet.


Working on his snowmen/women.


He would have rather played with his horses and Dino's today!

Hiding at dinner time.


Snuggle, Buggle, I LOVE YOU!!


Love that smile.

Rolling balls with momma!

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