Saturday, January 21, 2012

Day 21......That was a close one

Because of my wonderful migraine yesterday I spent a lot of time today recovering and taking it easy so that it didn't come back. I once again didn't see to much of the kids. I managed to see the kids for a few minutes this morning but I was in bed around 3 this afternoon and I just woke up at 11:00 pm.

I thought it was about 4 am but luckily for me it's before midnight. So I grabbed my camera and headed into Annabelle's room to snap a few pictures.....What do you know my camera battery is completely dead! I have been pretty good about remembering my pictures. Today is the first day I truly forgot, but because of Dennis I believe there is another post out there with sleeping pictures too.

I finally got the battery charged, and I got my pictures.

I am praying I wake up in the morning and everyone in the house is feeling great!! It snowed quite a bit today and I know Annabelle and Judge are dying to get out in it. So hopefully after mass and naps tomorrow we can suite up and hit the hills with the sled. They really love sledding and hopefully I can find a fun craft do do with the snow!


Annabelle woke up during the process and I am now laying in bed with her. I am kind of happy she did. I missed her a lot over the past 2 day! So I am catching up n my snuggle time for the rest of the night.


My sweetheart.


He was snoring just like his daddy. He is lucky he is cute, that will hopefully make up for the snoring with whoever he ends up with....wait I forgot he isn't getting married he too is going to live in the basement.


I was praying the entire time I was in his room that he would not wake up....and for once he didn't!!! Thank you God!

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