Saturday, January 21, 2012

Crafty ways of learning.....Shaving cream paint


I wanted to do something fun that would, well, not need to much "mommy involvement". I had saw this idea a few days ago and I decided to give it a go. At first just with my daughter (I wanted to see how it worked with her before I got the younger ones involved). I thought if she was pretty self-sufficient with the paint that I would try it out on the boys too. She was and they all ended up having a GREAT time, and mommy really enjoyed hanging out and spending time with them.

*Food coloring
*Shaving Cream
*Muffin tray (egg cartons and ice cube trays can also be used)
*Paint brush

*Disposable spoon

Step 1
Spray shaving cream into each muffin tin. I wouldn't fill it over the top rim because mixing becomes a pain and it all seems to over flow into one another....kind of a big mess.

Step 2
Add food coloring to shaving cream and mix together. Experiment with this one. Add one drop and mix it in. Add a few more drops to make it darker. Mix the colors together to form different colors.

Anna mixing the colors.

Done with the mixing.

Step 3
Let your kids have a blast. Let them paint the walls and create a Masterpiece.

She was so excited!

Writing her name.

She made a turkey on the back wall.

Hand prints.


More rainbows.

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