Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Learning our way.......More Numbers

Judge is my sensitive one. He is also Mr. Perfection. Heaven forbid he colors outside of the lines or connects the wrong dots. If he makes a mistakes it takes me about 5 minutes to calm him down. He gets so upset that he hasn't done it perfect. I guess he gets that from his momma and daddy but that is one trait I wish would have skipped my sensitive little man.

I have to just keep telling him that it is OK. He wants to do so good and make momma proud, that when he does mess up it is so pitiful to see him that disappointed. I will have to keep reminding him that everyone makes mistakes and it doesn't have to be perfect.

Judge worked on 7 and 8 today he is doing so well. He did his review sheet all by himself.

Happy homeschooling.

Connect the dots.


Coloring his lady bug.

My happy boy.

Almost done.



Number 7

7 little owls.

Number 8

8 little mice

He did this page all by himself. He had to identify the number then figure out how many objects to color. Once he had counted them I traced the ones he needed me too. He still likes me tracing before he colors I think it helps him really remember what he is doing.

8 balloons

He has gotten good at tracing numbers.

All done for the day.

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  1. Precious...I taught their Dad how to do dot to dot and his alphabet and his numbers. Only I had to make the dot to dots myself but that is how he learned to draw his numbers. It was fun teaching him and I know you are have fun but you are making memories for him that will be with him all of his life! Godd Job Jamie!
    Love Ya Mom


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