Thursday, January 5, 2012

DAY 5.....................James is a very bad engine.

Judge was playing in my room with his trains this afternoon while watching "Day of the Diesels" for the 100th time since Tuesday. I was taking photos of Liam and the next thing I know he has a busted lip. Apparently he some how bumped his mouth with James (the number 5 red engine). Yes, I know way to much about Thomas! I was trying to get him to calm down and the only thing I could think to say was "James is a very bad engine." and Judge replied "Yes he is. He sure is.".I did take a photo but decided against posting it because I would hate to gross out my BFF who is preggers.

But other than that snag we had a pretty normal day. Played with the kids watched some T.V. and now "GREY'S" is coming on tonight!!!!! :) YAY!!!!

Wait! I lied we didn't have a totally normal day. This afternoon when Dennis went to pick Annabelle up from school I was in the garage. I was talking to my mom and the boys were upstairs taking a nap. Well I finished my call with my mom and I headed inside......well TRIED to. He had locked me out of the house. That dip stick locked the door. In a panic I called him and told him to come back home. He informed me he was already at her school and waiting to get her. It probably took him 15 minutes to get home but it seemed like 5 hours. I was sitting at the door listening to make sure no one got out of bed. I was preparing the smash the sliding glass door if I heard one sound that even sounded like a cry. Luckily I didn't hear anything and he came home and let me back in before going to work for the night. He thought it was hilarious but needless to say it took me a while after getting back in to see it that way. I am getting key pad locks for the house. That is the 3rd time I have gotten locked out since we moved here. The first time was in the snow and I had to BEG and BEG and PLEAD to get my then 3 year old daughter to even try and unlock the door. I think I may have promised her a car or a house when she finally got it open. And it only took about 24 hours to get all the feeling back to my toes :)!
But yeah that was the snag in the day, other then that and watching "Day of the Diesels" another 100 times, we had a pretty good day!


Time for school!

Yes she is BEAUTIFUL!

Time for bed

Talking to her Maw Maw Joe.


He got a new piggy bank today and has since been hunting money all over the house. I found him in my bathroom at dinner time. He had found change in his dads junk drawer.

"What you know I didn't do anything!"

He knows with that smile he can get whatever he wants.


Yes he had to leave his warm bath water but he refused to leave the bath toy!

Isn't he cute, even when he is mad. He was trying to explain why he wanted the little man out of the boat.

I walked around the corner and started tickling him. He was really laughing but in this picture it looks like he is screaming!



"Whats up mom?"


Hanging out with his big sister.

I don't think he wants any more kisses!!

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