Saturday, January 14, 2012

Day 14.....Yes I got a little carried away.

Gotta love a fun Saturday out with the family. Annabelle needed new shoes so we took a trip to the mall. I haven't taken all the kids to the mall since Liam was born. I forgot just how much work it is.
I was happy that Dennis was there to help me "herd" the kids! They sure tired me out. I will never need a membership to a gym, all I have to do is take the kids to a store. I get a months worth of workouts packed into the first 15 minutes! But no matter how much they wear me out, I still love them more than words could ever possibly express!

I took a ton of picture (300+), but what can I say they are the cutest kids in the world!


Only took us 4 shirts today!

Close up!

Play area at the mall!

Where Annabelle? Hint......she is in pink!



Elvis had fun at the mall too.

Judge petting the puppy at the mall.
There is a pet store in the mall that sells dogs. So to kill some time today we took the kids by to pet a few of the puppies.There is a place inside the store that is kind of like a petting yard. I took the kids inside and one of the employees come up to me and informed me that someone over the age of 18 had to be inside the petting yard with the younger kids. I looked at her and smiled "I am their mom. I am 23."
I really didn't mind, I brushed it off like I do every time things like that happen. The part that bothered me was the nasty look and the comment I got after that. "Oh my you are way to young to have kids."
REALLY?!?!?! I just smiled and said "Thank you."
Yes there are days when I would like to turn around and let them know my opinions on them being able to walk around unmuzzled with diarrhea of the mouth, but my momma taught me better. I know how to control the chip in my brain that operates my mouth. As far as giving her the dirty look back. Luckily my mom taught me to SMILE no matter what. She taught me to smile through rain.....It makes the sun come out quicker!
So that was part of our experience at the pet shop.

Puppy attacking Judge.
While we were in the petting area. (As the lady mentioned above was talking to me.) Judge started petting this really cute little beagle. Next thing I know Annabelle was laughing her butt off and Judge was screaming. The sequence of pictures should tell the story.
1. Judge pets dog
2. Dog get over excited and starts jumping on Judge
3. Judge flips out.
FUN FUN FUN.......
To set the record straight. NO! NO WAY! NO WAY IN ______! We are EVER getting a dog. I like animals, but NO I have been down that road. And we already have a dog in the neighborhood that barks all hours of the night, craps in the driveway when he gets the chance, and attacks my kids and family. So NO we will NOT EVER be getting a dog unless it is stuffed. (sorry all you animal lovers, I am happy you have yours but dogs are not our thing.) :)

Judge riding the merry go round!

Aww the ride is over!

My sleeping man!


John Paul taking on the rock wall.

Loving my little man.




One of mommas angels.

Ride 'em Cowboy.

Pretty lights.


Still too little to play at the mall.....but before we know it.....

Another one of mommas angels.

Happy little man.

God I love them all SO SO SO SO SO SO SO MUCH. I really never knew love like this existed. Its amazing. I love them so much it hurts sometimes. Lord knows I can't think more then a month ahead or I have a breakdown thinking about them growing up.
It seems so unfair that one day they are going to grow up and leave me. I know they will still be around, but my God I just want to protect them FOREVER! They are my world. They are the greatest gifts and I feel so lucky that God has given them to me. I am far from perfect but my love for them is not. No one could love them more then I do. Having kids has shown me so much about Gods' love for us. Before my babies came I thought I understood.....boy was I wrong.

"Hey mister, you need help counting that money. I am ready for my part of that bailout."
Ok that was wrong but I couldn't help myself.


Annabelle and Judge playing in the fountain at the mall.

Our first born girl and first boy.


Why is mom the happy one here???


Where's Daddy?


All my babies -1. Momma could not keep up with Johnny and Liam at the same time on a spinning hunk of metal.

Happy babies.

Arts and Craft tree.

I had to go and pick up some more school stuff from the craft store today. While I was there they had a TON of things from Christmas on sale. I found this white prelit tree for 6 bucks. So I picked it up. It is going to be our "Arts and Crafts tree". This is where we are going to hang our craft projects. We will decorate it according to the upcoming holiday (Valentines day, St Patrick's.....). I think the kids are going to have a lot of fun, and its another way to teach something new (months, dates, holidays). I also think it will get the kids to ask more ?'s about certain holidays and get more involved in certain things that may not be "their cup of tea."
We will see.....

What is the next Holiday.......

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