Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Learning our way....Colors

Judge has been working on colors for the past week. Today he finished his "It's "COLORING" Cats and Dogs!" color booklet. He was very happy to see all his hard work finally completed and turned into a book. Every day he colored two pages, but in order to color them he first had to figure out what color to use by listening to the clues about each animal. He had a blast and he wasn't just working on colors. We covered everything from listening to clues to answer questions, to cutting. I can say his coloring has improved a lot since we started. He is doing a really great job at staying inside the lines when he colors.

I found a really great trick that seems to have worked wonders getting him to stay inside the lines. I started tracing whatever he was coloring with the color he was using. So instead of telling him stay inside the black lines I just remind him not to go over the colored lines.

His book!


Finishing the last page!

He worked so hard.

Almost done!

Last one!

All colored!

He was happy to be done with the coloring part.

He was so proud.

He was ready to put his book together.

He couldn't believe he had made a book all by himself.


Slowly Slowly.....I can't tell you how many time I said that.

Almost done cutting


Sitting in mommas' chair reading before downtime.

Showing his book off to daddy!

Momma reading it to him before downtime.

The Finished product.


Page 2

Some clues were easy but some mom had to give a few hints for.

The color is written in the hint and it is typed in the color it is supposed to be. To keep him from seeing the colors I used post-its to keep the hints covered until he figured out what color we needed to use.

I let him have a sheet of stickers and told him to pick out one for each page that matched. He did a really good job at matching.

Good coloring for a 4 year old.

Momma is very proud.

After he finished his book we had one more workbook page to finish. He matched the black words on the workbook page with the colored words from his book and every time he got one I would trace the crayon for him so he could color them while I made lunch. It took him a while but he did it all by himself.

Matching words.

I sat him at the table and each time he figured out what color the crayon was supposed to be he would call me over to trace them for him.

After I traced them all he colored them in.

He called it hie "color test!"

He got a big A+++ from momma!

and a treat!

All done!

He did a great job today!

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