Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Day 4.........Check the date!

Just a note to everyone, you may want to check the date on your Worcestershire sauce!! I was making dinner tonight and something was just "not right", the smell of 2 tablespoons of Worcestershire sauce was just over whelming. So something told me to check the date so I did! 21NOV2005! Yeah old fish.......not a good thing! So my entire dinner was ruined! They should really sell this stuff in smaller bottles! I mean how often do you use that stuff?? So a note to everyone check the date! From one mom/wife to another!

And here are my pictures from day 4 of my 365! Yes I know there are more of Liam, but hey he is the only one who sits still.....try chasing around a heard of wild cattle see how many pictures you get ;)

Annabelle ready for school!
Yesterday Annabelle informed me that one of the little boys at school was not happy to see her back. When I asked her "Why?" this was her response
"I think it is because last year I asked him to marry me"
"Oh really?"
"Yeah, but dad told me that I couldn't ask a boy to marry me until he got a JOB!"
I almost lost it in the kitchen to say the least.

He is such a happy boy.

Judge and his silly face for the night.

Bath time!

My sweet little man Johnny!

His first time in the jumper.

Bath time!
After bath I was loving on Liam and......well check out the chain of photos and you will see!

YEAH thats right, I guess he had had enough squeezes for one day!

My littlest man holding his head up so well. He is so strong!

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