Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Learning our way.....Homeschooling

I feel like this is way to much fun to be really homeschooling. I have never done it before so I am still learning but I am loving it. I am sure it shouldn't be this much fun. There has to be something I am missing??? Judge seems really happy with it and I feel like even though we are having a ton of fun he is still learning everyday. Maybe that old saying “Play is not only our creative drive; it’s a fundamental mode of learning.” has some truth to it....or at least I hope so.
So fir now I am still feeling out the waters and rolling with the punches. I am loving it, Judge is loving it, and Johnny is even joining in from time to time. Annabelle asked me yesterday if she could stay home and if I would be here teacher. This all has me looking deeper into Homeschooling all the kids. The only thing holding me back at this point is the fear that I may still be missing something.

Today's work

We didn't get too much done today because of the 2 hour school delay caused by the snow this morning. Judge and I are still working on his color booklet. Each day we have been working on a page or 2. Each animal has a rhyme and he has to listen to the clues and try and figure out what color the animal on that page is supposed to be. Sounds easy right? Well for a 4 year old no, because these are not regular colors for animals. Instead of a green frog you may have a green DOG! He is doing really well and learning a ton of things at the same time. Like context clues, listening skills, and also the basics of coloring inside the lines just to name a few.

I think we should be done with our booklet tomorrow so I will make sure to post pictures of the finished product.

Red dog.

Notice the post-its. On each section the color the animal is supposed to be is written in that color. So to make it a little more challenging/educational we keep them colored until mom can read the rhyme. Once he figures out what color the animal is supposed to be he gets to remove the post-it.

Mommy trying to keep the color hidden while reading the clue.

Only one more after the blue cat is done.

It took us a while to figure out yellow but we finally did!!

Coloring the last animal of the day.

Almost done!

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