Thursday, January 12, 2012

Day 12.....Honeymoon period.

For the last few days I have been focusing on homeschooling Judge. I have been researching it online and I have a ton of workbooks and different stuff from when Annabelle was his age. I really am starting to love it and Judge is too. The first thing he ask everyday is "Can we do school."

I talked to a lady who home-schooled her kids last summer on one of our family field trips to the garbage museum. Her kids were so smart and seemed so happy that I looked into it for a bit. Judge loves school so much and I love watching him learn everyday. So I remembered the lady from the garbage museum saying the first year is always the "honeymoon period" and after that wears off it can become a bit of a pain. I am loving this though. I can't see it ever getting old. The only problem I have ran across is juggling Johnny's "work" and Judge's. I am at a lost on how to "be a teacher" to both boys at the same time. See if Judge was in a real preschool I would be working with Johnny on all the things I have worked with Annabelle and Judge on when they were his age. I don't want to short change Johnny but there doesn't seem to be enough time in the day. I know I can't teach them both at different times and I know there has to be a way to do it at the same time I just haven't found the answer to that problem yet.....We will have to see how tomorrow goes!


We had another purple day today!

My poor baby girl.
What is it with my kids and busted lips. A few days ago James busted Judge's lip and then today Annabelle comes home from school with a busted lip. She said she had her head down and when the bell rang she hit her mouth on the table, but how do you bang your mouth on the table when you are startled I always jump backwards. I am still trying to figure out exactly how she managed to get her lip busted but I guess that is just what happens when you get mine and Dennis' genes.

Yes she is a happy girl.

Miss Smarty Pants.
Annabelle's matter of a fact moment of the day. Anna-bug was in the bath tub tonight and I went in to wash her hair. Yes I still wash my 5 year olds hair. Once I got into the bathroom with her I had to "use the potty" and for the 3rd time in the last 7 days as I went to sit down.....I fell in. Seriously!?!?!? I jumped up and started screaming for Dennis and Judge. Judge was smart enough to stay hidden in my bed room, but Dennis showed up and started laughing. I very calmly (NOT) asked him to teach his son to put the lid down.Dennis informed me that I need to learn to look before I sat and to lower the lid. Annabelle then chimed in "Maybe you boys should learn to sit and pee like we do!" Priceless!


Cute Judge saying of the day...
This morning Judge and I were cleaning up and I was eating beef jerky. I let Judge have a small piece not knowing if he was going to like it or not. Well he loved it. When he finished the first piece he turned around and asked "Mom can I have some more BIG TURKEY!" I laughed so hard I thought I was going to pass out. I never thought of it that way but it does sound like "BIG TURKEY" when you say it fast.

One new thing I learned today about coloring with kids! I have always told my kids "Stay inside the black lines."
But aren't all the lines black? Where does the pumpkin start and the carrot end? So yesterday and today I started doing something new with Judge. What ever color a certain part of the picture was supposed to be I would trace the black lines with that particular color. It was amazing he is coloring better then Annabelle now. Not that my Anna-bug isn't a great colorer but I am very impressed with the progress Judge has made in just a few short days!

White, Black and Rainbows.

Big A little a, big B little b, Big C little c...................

Working on our numbers!


One more toothbrush bites the dust. I was in the bathroom helping the kids get ready for bed. We had brushed our hair, and I had finished John Paul's and Judge's teeth. As Annabelle was headed to the spit I looked over and noticed Johnny had his hand in the toilet and I screamed. When I screamed he yanked his hand out of the toilet and I saw a tooth brush come flying out too. The things that boy does. SERIOUSLY! What in God's name was that boy thinking? I would love to be able to read his mind. Why I know he has never seen me clean the toilet with a toothbrush because every time I start cleaning all the boys in the house scatter like mice. So needless to say we have "TOOTHBRUSH" on the grocery list.

Fine motor skills!

Sharing and counting!


Only managed one picture of my littlest man today :( Gotta get lots tomorrow!! :)

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