Friday, January 20, 2012

Learning our way.....He can't get enough.

"Mom, can I do my homework?" It never fails the first words I hear from Judge every morning. That is all he wants to do all the time! Lord knows I don't mind. I love watching him learn.

Judge did attend a preschool program outside of the home at the beginning of the year, so he still refers to his old teachers as his "real teachers". I know it probably sounds crazy but that is probably one of the most frustrating parts of this. I guess being new at the whole homeschooling process makes me way over sensitive, but I want him to see me as his teacher too.

My daughter attended the same program last year and I still found myself doing a lot of the schooling at home, because she knew most of what they were teaching her. When we went in for a parent teacher conference the teach told me to slow down with her. But I could not see not teaching her the things she was asking to learn. Don't get me wrong it is a great program but I am just not sure if it is really for our family.

The other part of me is thrilled that he doesn't see what we are doing at home as "work". I know he is learning because I get to see it everyday. I guess it is a double edge sword. If he thinks of me as a teacher I will be happy, but he may see the work that we are doing at home as just that WORK, and not want to do it anymore. I want him to keep learning by all means. I love it. I guess one reason I am being so sensitive is that I still have a hard time seeing myself as his teacher also.

I know I am making a difference but at times I see what we are doing as "play". That sends me running for the net to see if I am some how messing something up. I want him to learn everything at home that he would be learning at school. So at night I spend countless hours searching the net to make sure he knows everything a kid in kindergarten should know. I try my hardest to make sure I am teaching him everything he would be learning in a preschool program outside of the home.

I guess it will get easier with time. I get to see him learn new things everyday. I see him learning, and I am just hoping that other people see that too. I want to home-school my daughter but the fear that "I will miss something" is still a risk I am not willing to take.

I know he is learning and I am just praying when he gets older I can look back and be proud of the time I spent with him. Kids are amazingly intelligent I hope I can just unlock a little bit of that and let it out this year.

Still working on our colors.

We are matching words with the colors now.

He did it all by himself with his "reference" page.
I gave him a page with the word RED written in red , the word GREEN written in green, so on and so on. So to finish this color page he has to match the word red from his worksheet to the word RED written on his reference page to figure out what color each section was supposed to be! I was very proud, but not as proud as he was!

Working on page 2 for the day.

Writing his name.

He is getting better.

He had to color each picture the color it was supposed to be. He did good but got a little mixed up on the bat....he thought it was supposed to be brown too.


He loves his puzzles.

YAY all done.

Uppercase and lower case letters.

It was arts and crafts time but Judge REALLY REALLY wanted to work in his workbook instead.

Mommy explaining the next page.

Even Annabelle joined us working in our workbooks.

Practicing her writing.

Counting....yeah it was a very easy work book for her, but she had fun.

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