Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Day 10......That's one way to get out of work.

So I was cleaning Judge's room this afternoon and asked him to help pick up his stuffed animals. The response I got was priceless.

Mom- "Judge why don't you help mom pick up these stuffed animals?"

Judge- "Mom why don't you pick them up and I will play with my train table. Hows that sound?"

Mom- "No I want you to help."

Judge- "Well sorry mom that's the best I can do for you!"

I lost it. After that I couldn't make him help me because I was laughing way to hard to make anyone do anything. I swear the things that come out of that boys mouth.

Annabelle also had a few of her own opinions today. Dennis was bringing Annabelle home from school and she asked him "Dad, have you noticed your getting a little chubby?"
Talk about straight forward. I always knew she didn't mind speaking her mind, but now I am going to have to teach her to speak it with a little bit of grace.


How cute is my baby girl?



My tall man.


"Where is the fire?"


The first time he saw rabbit..... YAY NEW TOY!!!!

Talking to his new kangaroo, Rabbit.

Yes he loves Rabbit.

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