Sunday, January 22, 2012

Day 22......Bigger snow boots are coming.

The second snow of 2012 and there was actually enough on the ground to sled this time. So today the kids and I cleaned the house, it's amazing the things you can get them to do when they have been trapped in the house all weekend!!

The last snow storm we had was WAY back in October so needless to say it has been a few months since the kids and I have gotten to play in the snow. Today when Annabelle was trying to get her snow boots on I heard her tell her dad "It's cramping my big toe."

We didn't have any other boots in the house so he asked her if she could wear them just for today and we would get her some new ones tomorrow on the way home from school. She agreed and finished getting dressed. On the way out the door I asked her if she was sure she was going to be OK in those boots. She said "Sure mom I think my big toe can take it. Anything for some of that snow!"

We ended up getting everyone dressed and out the door to play in the snow. But see the thing that always seems to get Dennis and I is the fact it takes us 30-45 minutes to get everyone dress and then we are out there for only an hour or an hour and half tops. What a pain. I need to invent something that you can just wrap the kid in and GO! HMMMM $$$ if only!

But never the less the kids had a blast and so did Dennis and I!!


We were making snow angels until she lobbed a snowball at me.

Annabelle's lesson of the day......Don't use a slide when it is iced over!

I don't know what it was with her and whacking me with snowballs today, but she got me about 5 or 6 times.


Judge stuck his finger in a electrical outlet.....Not really but it sure does look like it!

Judge trying to hit mom with a snowball.

Mom got Judge with a snowball.

Judge didn't like that mom got him with the snowball.

Mommy cleaning the snow off Judge.

Mommy making it all better.

Judge is a happy boy again.

Mommy getting sprayed with snow!

Time to try out the slide.

He learned to put his hands out.

injury avoided.

He still loves momma.


At the beginning of the day Johnny wasn't very interested in the snow.

He wanted momma to carry him.

Johnny's turn!

His shoe came off.....he was NOT happy!

A trip down the hill makes things all better.

He looks so peaceful.

And then he tipped over.

Time to go inside.

Getting all the wet cloths off.

He was one tired boy.


Happy to be hanging out!


What to do?

Annabelle wanted to make snow angels.....Judge didn't!



Not another snowball.

Mommy needs a body guard.


Johnny kept asking for a soccer ball!


I was trying to take a picture of Judge's hair but I couldn't help but notice how cute Liam looked in the background.


Fun in the snow.

They never stand still!

Time to call it a day.


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