Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Crafty ways of learning.....MLK day.

I thought about starting a homeschooling blog but after a lot of consideration I have decided to stick with one blog for now. I will post my Homeschooling adventures on our family blog page. So stay tuned!!

MLK (Martin Luther King) day. In honor of MLK day the kids and I did 2 really fun educational crafts.

The first craft of the day was a "Construction paper quilt"

I used craft to show the kids that even though things may be different they can still work together to make something beautiful. We talked about how Dr. King dreamed of a world where people didn't fight and hate people because their skin was different. The kids really seemed to love this craft and it was a great way to get started about MLK day.

*Construction paper
*Safety Scissors

Step 1
Use the ruler to measure and draw squares onto different color construction paper.

Step 2
Have your kids use safety scissors to cut the squares out.
*If you have kids under the age of 4 I recommend cutting theirs a head of time, or have an older sibling help you prepare the craft before hand.

Annabelle 5 cutting her square out.

Almost done.

Judge 4 cutting his square out of construction paper.

Step 3
Let your kids use the stickers and markers to decorate their panel of the quilt.
* Other great decorating materials are glitter, pompoms, confetti, and paint.

Annabelle working on her panel.

Polk a dots!

Hard at work.

Judge putting stickers on.

Johnny 2 coloring his panel.

Johnny getting inspiration from his older siblings.

Step 4
Glue all the pieces together to form a quilt.
*Luckily I have 4 kids so with a little help from mom we had a 4 panel quilt. If you have 1 kid you may want to give them 2 panels and then do 2 panels with them. If you have 2 then give each kid 2 panels to decorate.

Annabelle helping mom glue the quilt together.

One more quick note. I used a large sheet of white construction paper to glue them on to form our quilt. If you want you can over lap the pieces to make your quilt.

Our finished product.





All different and unique alone.....but put together they are make a BEAUTIFUL quilt.

For craft number 2 today we made "Dream clouds"

My kids love using glue so they had a blast with this craft. To start this craft off I explained the meaning of the "I have dram" speech that Dr. King gave on August 28, 1963 at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C.
The kids and I discussed what Dr. King wanted for the world on that day and how a dream when you are sleeping is different from his dream. It was more like his hope for the future. I asked the kids to think about what they wanted for the future while they worked on their craft.

*White construction paper
*Safety Scissors
*Cotton balls

Step 1
Draw a cloud on a sheet of white of construction paper.
* I used about half the sheet for one cloud.

Step 2
Have your kids cut it out.
*This is a little difficult to cut so for all the kids under 5 I went ahead and cut it before we started.

Annabelle helped me cut the clouds out before we got started.

Step 3
Ask your kids about their hopes and dreams for the future, and write it inside the cloud.

Annabelle has a dream....
To grow up and have good kids. Some day to get married.

Judge has a dream....
To jump on clouds.

Step 4
Let your kids glue the cotton balls around the outside of the cloud.

Bug hard at work.

Judge, Elvis, and his trains working on his cloud.

Johnny even joined in the crafts.


Hanging their clouds on the craft tree.

The first Craft to go on our tree.

They did a great job.

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