Monday, January 16, 2012

Day 16.....MLK day

During down time today Judge got up a little bit earlier than the other kids and came into my room. Down time wasn't quite over so I told him he could stay in my room if he laid down and was quite. "Bridezillas" was on in the background and I was surfing the net trying to find some craft ideas for tomorrow. So Judge snuggled up next to me and started watching TV. I was listening to the show but still surfing the net for craft ideas. (No I did not change what was on because if you get out of bed before down time is over and by chance mom lets you stay up you still don't get to watch TV.)

He was laying next to me when the couple started to say their wedding vows. After the man had finished his vows he closed by saying "In the name of the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit."

I felt Judge's head turn to look up at me and he said "Momma they forgot to say AMEN!"

I smiled and said "Yeah I guess they did Judge."

Then the woman said her vows and once again closed with the same "Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit."

He turned to me again and said "Momma they did it again, they forgot to say AMEN! They can't do it that way. we need to call them on the telephone before God get mad."

I almost fell off the bed I would have never noticed that but Judge did. It was so sweet because he was truly concerned that God was going to be really upset. I had to explain that they probably just forgot and God would understand.

Then mom promptly changed the TV to "Word World" so they wouldn't upset my little man any more.


Today in honor of MLK day I had a few fun crafts planed. First we made a "Construction Paper Quilt". To show the kids that different things can work together to make something beautiful, we made a quilt where each kid made one panel. It also opened up the talk about how people are different but that doesn't make it OK to treat people badly because they are not like you. I think I got through to Annabelle and a little to Judge. It is amazing to watch things just "click" when they are learning.

Annabelle helping put the quilt together.

Annabelle working on craft number 2.
Our second craft was a dream cloud. The kids cut out clouds and glued cotton balls around the outside of the cloud after mom wrote their "dream for the future" inside the cloud.

Coloring before dinner.


Judge got into trouble tonight and sent to timeout about 3 times for not sharing his trains with Johnny. Every time I would send him to sit in the naughty chair Johnny would disappear too. I notice each time he cam back he would have all the trains with him, and I know when I sat him in the chair they were no where near him (they are not allowed to have toys in timeout). So the 3rd time I sent him to timeout I watched to see what exactly was going on. That's when I caught Johnny in the act. Judge wasn't sharing but when Johnny saw him being sent to timeout he would pick all the trains up and take them to his brother in timeout. He is defiantly a better kids then I was. When my sister got in trouble I would take what I wanted and hide it. I guess Dennis and I are doing something right....or maybe God feels sorry for me.......either way I will take!! They really are such good boys.

As I am making dinner in the kitchen I hear Judge calling me and I turn around and he says "HELP ME MOMMA. HELP ME. My chair went away."
I started laughing so hard and just had to grab my camera and get a picture before I went and saved him :)!
He started off with his chair tucked under the table, and as he leaned forward to color he slowly pushed it further and further away from the table. To the point that he could not move with hurting himself or getting help from someone. Gotta love boys.

Don't worry I got to him before he fell!


Johnny working on his quilt. I think he put more color on his hands. The paper was a bit neglected.

Coloring before dinner. I am going to HAVE to find another Thomas coloring book soon. I have probably 50 coloring books but Johnny refuses to color in anything except the Thomas the Tank Engine coloring book. I think he has colored over each page at least 2 times now.


Hanging out while Annabelle, Judge, John Paul, and I worked on the quilt.

Jumping around.

Liam likes his jumper.

I had to put this on here. I can't stop laughing at how cute his face is!!!


Hanging out with mom while I made dinner.

Homemade green beans.



I was taking a picture of Annabelle working on her panel for the quilt, but tonight when I uploaded it I noticed Johnny in the background using the marker as lip stick. He is defiantly on marker restriction for the remainder of the week.

Annabelle and Johnny working on their panels for our quilt.


Johnny helping me watch Liam while I made dinner.


Working on the quilt

Hanging their dream clouds on the arts and crafts tree.


Chicken a' la King....the kids love it and its full of VEGGIES!!!


Our Quilt

Liam and mommy, Johnny
Annabelle, Judge

Arts and Crafts tree with our cloud dreams on it.

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