Thursday, January 19, 2012

Day 19....Time for a larger table.

I guess I have known since the day I found out we were expecting our 3rd kid, that one day we would need a bigger table. Well that day is here. Ever since Johnny started eating breakfast at the table he has become less and less interested in sitting in his high chair at dinner time. I guess I can understand. He is growing up (whether I like it or not).

It's SO much more convenient to have him buckled into his highchair. Baby containment at any time with a 2 year old is sent straight from God. Also as I am sure all moms know when you have a kid in a high chair the food and juice is somewhat contained. When you move a kid out of a high chair......well lets just hope you have a large supply of Magic Erasers!

So tonight at dinner time I called everyone into the dining room for dinner and Johnny hoped into my chair and sat there looking at me me like "OK where is my food. Lets go!" The look he had on his face was priceless I just cracked up and called Dennis in to see him/move him. Yeah I was going to make him do the dirty work.

When Dennis asked him to jump down and get in his chair he looked so disappointed that it almost broke my heart. So we decided to let him stay at the table (just not in mommas spot) and we brought in another chair. He was so happy to eat dinner at the table with everyone else tonight.

Now Dennis and I have to decide if we want to buy a new table or just some new chairs. We have an extender for the table we already own but I am not sure if we have all the parts to install it. HMMM We will see

In the meantime Johnny has his very own spot next to Judge at the dinner table with the rest of the family. Annabelle is a little jealous but it is only a matter of time before Liam is sitting next the her.


Ready for school.

Annabelle's fake cheerleader smile.

Her mouth is blue from inspector hector.

Making pudding with mom and Judge before dinner.

I thought that box said sugar free?!?!?!



When he was done emptying the packet of powder for the pudding he went ahead and added a little extra fiber. Annabelle didn't like that idea so he had to extract that ingredient.



His new Thomas shirt.

His train was stuck in the shed.

Checking n his little brother.


He used Annabelle's new place mat we made yesterday.
*Click Crafty ways of learning at the top of this page for the step by step directions.

Mommas little firefighter.

Firefighter in training.

If you look close he isn't sitting in it. He like to get in it, pick it up from each side, and walk
around holding it up acting like a speeding car.

YEP he got bit again.
I can't tell you how many times today I told Johnny NOT TO TOUCH the craft tree. He loves the lights on it but they only work when it is plugged in. Not once, Not twice, but THREE (3) times I caught him playing with it. I don't know why I didn't move it. I guess I was hoeing that he would listen......yeah like that will ever happen.
So tonight when I was snuggling with Liam before putting him to bed, Johnny runs into the family room screaming. He had shocked himself.
Now if you keep up with my family you know that his speech is delayed and we have been going through speech therapy trying to get him to talk. Well I guess we have been paying for that for nothing, because when he got hurt tonight I thought it was Annabelle (the mouth of the house) talking. Buddy he was clear as a bell and he let you know what was going on. I have never heard he talk like that.
So tonight my poor man got bit by a plug in, he learned about 10 new words, and momma found a switch that I can plug the tree into and then that into the wall so Johnny can operate it without losing a finger! :)

All better.

All Clean


Whats up?


Helping mom do laundry.

Well watching mom do laundry.

Laughing at mom trying to o laundry. :)

Mommas man!


Annabelle spilled milk.
Thanks GOD that was all she spilled. When I gave her the 1/2 full jug to put back on the counter she didn't push it far enough back, so the minute she let go it fell on the floor. Watching that milk jug fall seemed like a 15 minute process and all I could do was SCREAM! I knew there was NO WAY possible for me to make it to the other side of the kitchen to save it so I was frozen in place just watching it fall in slow motion.
I just knew the minute it hit the floor that I was going to have the biggest mess of my life to clean up. The angels up above were watching out for me because that small little bitty top stayed on.
Lessons learned
1. Don't trust a 5 year old with a jug of milk
2. buy the lids that screw on.
3. God must really love me today.

Cooking with my oldest 2.



Annabelle got a timeout and the boys decided to join her......I am not sure if she liked that or not.


"You can't get me!!!"

Johnny loving on momma, Judge riding on my legs.


My big boys......tear.....


The best picture I could get of all 5 of us!
Gotta love the fact
1. Judge has his eyes closed
2.Johnny is looking away
3. Liam is looking away
4. Annabelle is looking at my head
5. Mom could only stay in that position for another 10 seconds because Annabelle was chocking the life out of me.

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